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Antonian, BrianWastewater Plant Supervisor Public Works & Utilities Department(727) 298-3256 Email
Bacon, TrevorPublic Services ForemanPublic Works & Utilities Department727-298-3233 Email
Barron, LauraSenior Administrative AssistantPublic Works & Utilities Department727-298-3215 ext.1328 Email
Bramwell, DianaAdministrative AssistantPublic Works & Utilities Department(727) 298-3256 Email
Chislock, DanielWater Distribution SupervisorPublic Works & Utilities Department(727)-298-3100 Ext. 1463 Email
Clark, WayneGIS DesignerPublic Works & Utilities Department727-298-3185 Email
Cooper, JayPublic Works DesignerPublic Works & Utilities Department727-298-3180 Email
Flowers, JaniceAdministrative CoordinatorPublic Works & Utilities Department727-298-3232 Email
Fracentese, JeanAdministrative AssistantPublic Works & Utilities Department(727) 298-3100 X1468 Email
Gillispie, AnnaTechnical AssistantPublic Works & Utilities Department(727)-298-3100 Ext. 1462 Email
Gummow, ChristineEngineering Technical CoordinatorPublic Works & Utilities Department727-298-3174 Email
Heermann, Kristin K.Technical AssistantPublic Works & Utilities Department727-298-3256 Email
Holtorf, Raymond ForemanPublic Works & Utilities Department727-298-3215 ext. 1326 Email
Hurley, JoeSolid Waste TechnicianPublic Works & Utilities Department727-298-3215 ext. 1321 Email
Knott, RandySolid Waste SupervisorPublic Works & Utilities Department727-298-3215 ext. 1327 Email
Marsh, Whitney Stormwater Program CoordinatorPublic Works & Utilities Department(727) 298-3232 Email
Mayfield, SunneyTechnical Assistant Public Works & Utilities Department(727)298-3025 Email
McLemore, JoeWater Distribution Technician IIIPublic Works & Utilities Department(727) 298-3100 Ext. 1465 Email
Moore, RandyDivision Director of Fleet ServicesPublic Works & Utilities Department727-298-3228 Email
Moschenik, Michael HydrogeologistPublic Works & Utilities Department(727)-298-3100 Ext. 1470 Email
Parris, Lance H.Collection System SupervisorPublic Works & Utilities Department727-298-3256 Email
Perez, ChristinaSustainability Program CoordinatorPublic Works & Utilities Department(727)-298-3215 ex 1324 Email
Pickrum, WilliamSolid Waste Division DirectorPublic Works & Utilities Department727-298-3215 ext. 1322 Email
Quintas, Jorge M.Director of Public Works & Utilities/City EngineerPublic Works & Utilities Department727-298-3175 Email
Rice, JoanTransportation & Traffic EngineerPublic Works & Utilities Department727-298-3179 Email
Schultz, DavidPublic Works Designer IIPublic Works & Utilities Department727-298-3178 Email
Shaffer, AndrewWater Plant Operator IIPublic Works & Utilities Department(727) 298-3100 Ext. 1483 Email
Stanek, PaulAssistant Public Works & Utilities DirectorPublic Works & Utilities Department(727) 298-2409 or (727) 298-3100 Ext. 1467 Email
Steurnagel, LeanneUtility Billing CoordinatorPublic Works & Utilities Department(727)298-3004 Email
Torrance, MarkPublic Works InspectorPublic Works & Utilities Department727-298-3183 Email
Truong, TaiPlans Review EngineerPublic Works & Utilities Department727-298-3182 Email
VanAmburg, JohnProduction SupervisorPublic Works & Utilities Department(727)-298-3100 Ext. 1464 Email
Walters, MarkPublic Services SupervisorPublic Works & Utilities Department727-298-3232 X1491 Email
Young, BradleyCollection Technician IIIPublic Works & Utilities Department727-298-3256 Email